Lighting, in addition to its practical function, which is to provide the appropriate source of light in the rooms, also has a decorative function. Increasingly, the latter is given much more attention when choosing the right lamps and sconces. Lighting for offices should, however, combine the features of lighting that favors the comfort of work and decoration, which gives the interior a character. In our offer you will find modern lighting inspired by minimalism and simplicity of the modernism era and modern avant-garde and modern art. We are convinced that everyone will find in it not only a lot of inspiration, but also specific lighting elements ideal for his office.

Designer lamps, a pinch of modernity into the office

Light can affect the employees positively, but also negatively, which depends on its color and intensity. The right amount of light translates into their well-being and health, and this in turn on their efficiency and productivity. According to the EN 12464-1 standard, in rooms where people stay for a long time, it is recommended to use a Ra source of more than 80.

In the office, it is worth taking care of the comfort of visual tasks and at the same time the effective appearance of the room. Designer floor lamps that discreetly illuminate the interior are perfect. However, they should be a supplement to ceiling lighting, which is the main light source that evenly illuminates the whole room.

Modern office lighting from Hana Design

Our offer distinguishes itself mainly from the unique form of lighting, which is available in original designs and forms. You will find modern wall and ceiling lighting, floor and desk lamps, while their unique design will not only properly illuminate the workplace, leisure, conference rooms and waiting rooms, but also give them an exclusive, modernist and fashionable style.

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