Carpets for a demanding customer

For many, the office is in a way a second home, employees spend 8 hours a day, sometimes even longer. This is a place with high traffic, which means that the wrongly selected type of floor can accelerate its aging. That is why it is so important that the floor covering should be selected in terms of the intensity of use of the room, you should be guided not only by their aesthetics, but above all by their durability and resistance to dirt. They should be made of materials adapted to the intensity of traffic in the rooms.

The more people use the office, the more vulnerable the floor is. Floor coverings must necessarily be resistant to abrasion, otherwise after a short period of use they will lose their aesthetic appearance, which translates into a general impression of office space.

Types of office flooring

What we offer to our clients is primarily a wide range of products, such as carpeting. Hanadesign online store was created for customers who expect the highest quality products and are looking for solutions tailored to individual needs. You will find carpet tiles in many colors and designs. They are intended for recreation rooms, small offices and offices. They are a combination of elegance and high durability. They give unlimited possibilities of arrangement, thanks to which every office space will gain a unique look.

For rooms with very high traffic, we recommend vinyl floor coverings. They will work in corridors, open spaces and waiting rooms. They can also be found in public institutions, schools and shopping malls. They are distinguished by above-average abrasion resistance.

The traditional carpets are distinguished by their elegant appearance. The wealth of textures, colors and patterns often rewards somewhat lower resistance to damage than vinyl coverings. Their great advantage is the ability to silence the room.

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